Connect With Your Kids
And Take Beautiful Photos

We parents often feel so tired, worried and stressed, that it is easy to oversee all the incredible things that are happening just in front of us.

What things?

Your LIFE!

YOUR LIFE happens just in front of you.

Your kids are changing every day!

Why not capture this irreplaceable time?


  • to improve your photography skills
  • to enjoy fun back-and-forth tasks you can do with your kids
  • to learn how to add value to your family photographs - create albums and wall galleries


After you joined the challenge you will get 5 e-mails from me, one every second day.

Every email will include one task with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

There will be different tasks for different age groups – just pick one that suits your child best!

If you have several kids - you can do more tasks!

You can send me your results and I will give video feedback.


  • Any person, who has kids around.
  • You can join even if you know nothing about photography and have only your phone to take pictures.
  • If you are a more skilled photographer – you are welcome to join as well!


This challenge is for YOU!

Kids can join IF they feel like it and WHEN they feel like it.

Do not push them into this challenge – you will ruin all the fun and your photos will be meh...

We did it before and it was a success!

"The most important thing for me was to start using my camera again and try to photograph something EVERY day.

I have some background in photography already but taking documentary style shots was new for me.

I started to pay attention to some details and think about composition again - what to take in the picture and what to leave out.

I think you did great job and I really appreciated the detailed feedback you gave about each photo, THANK YOU!"

- Natalia

Just relax, have fun, take pictures and make notes!

It is starting on May 31!

Are you in?

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